Comic: Fear the Turtle

Fear the Turtle

Should you fear all turtles wearing bandanas and carrying martial arts weapons?


Comic:Here We Go

It’s bad for the baby seals.

Okay, I know the webcomic says ‘weekly’. I am aware. I am also aware that my current posting schedule is ‘monthly’, not ‘weekly’, and yes, I am aware of the different usages of time measurement.

Comic:The Bees, They Live in the Trees.

Comic #2

So far I am not too happy with WordPress as it comes to posting comics. I’d rather not have a thumbnail that has to be clicked in order to read the current comic, but the layouts don’t work with full-sized strips. Ah, well…

I might give ComicPress a try in the future.

Comic:Thinking about Nothin’

Comic #1.1

Sometimes the best goal is ‘nothing’…